Today almost every business is a technology business. Even if you are not on the cutting edge of innovation you are probably entering into business relationships with people who are. Technology and innovation drive productivity. Helping businesses thrive and reducing transaction costs is at the very heart of what IT Lawyers Brisbane aims to achieve.

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IT Lawyers Brisbane

Looking for a lawyer with real technology domain experience?

IT Lawyers Brisbane are dedicated to the tech start-up community and helping you develop your business. With experience and qualifications that transverse law, IT, business, accounting and governance you can be assured you are getting practical advice from a lawyer with a true multidisciplinary skill set.

By engaging with IT Lawyers Brisbane, you can kiss goodbye to having to translate your tech to lawyers and have a real conversation about your requirements. Translating the tech into law is our job.

We know tech.

Are you looking for an IT Lawyer that knows tech? Today almost every business is a technology business. Even if you are not on the cutting edge of innovation you are probably entering into business relationships with people who are.

We know business.

Need a software development lawyer, with IT, business and accounting qualifications? One who spent over a decade running their own management consulting firm? The sort of commercial lawyer that can translate IT to business?

We work differently.

We do not operate on billable hours like other law firms. The push for billable hours leads to the focus on meeting the firms KPI’s not their clients. Make no mistake our focus is on our clients' needs.

Lawyer, programmer, business analyst, project manager, company secretary and managing director.

Speak to a lawyer with the full scope of business and technology experience.

Technology Law Services

IT Lawyers Brisbane provides a full range of technology, commercial and corporate law services.

If you are a tech company or engaging in technology-based transactions, speak with a specialist to get legal advice from people with real world experience. Whether you are dealing with a domain name dispute, require corporate advice, endeavouring to meet your privacy obligations or just grappling with what legal obligations you may have to contend with, IT Lawyers Brisbane is there to help you.

We provide technology law services to tech start-ups and small to medium enterprises entering into technology-based transactions. We were not always lawyers, so we have a broad understanding of technology and business. We can provide practical real-world solutions to satisfy your legal requirements.

Tech Startups

If you are considering a Tech Startup? You have come to the right place. IT Lawyers Brisbane specialises in helping entrepreneurs get their startups off the ground and heading in the right direction.

Tech Law Services

We firmly believe if you want to advise on Technology Law then you should have a reasonable tech background. Our principal, Michael Barber, has over a decade experience working as an IT consultant before coming to law.


Browse our frequently asked questions and the latest snippets of interesting tech law news. Alternatively, just call us for a chat. We are happy to talk to you about your next venture or transaction.

We know.
Because we used to develop software before we were IT lawyers.

< script > We know tech / We know business / We work differently < /script >

Commercial Law Services

Let IT Lawyers Brisbane draft or review your technology, corporate and commercial contracts.

We love drafting and reviewing technology and commercial contracts for our clients! It gives us valuable insight into your business and allows us to play a small role in helping you achieve your commercial goals. For us the best part about being a lawyer is helping our clients grow and prosper. We have no desire to be a large national firm, but we are happy to help you expand if that is your desire.

Even if you are not sure what you need, contact IT Lawyers Brisbane and we will help you navigate and negotiate your contractual needs. Our primary goal is to help you effectively communicate the transactions you enter with your business partners, so you have mutually beneficial relationships, free of disputes, and avoid costly litigation.

Terms of Use

Terms of Use are vital to the operation of your Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, Mobile application or other consumer software. Don’t go live without Terms of Use professionally drafted by a lawyer who knows business, IT & law.

All Legal Documentation

When clients come to lawyers with legal problems, the source of that problem usually arises from poor Legal Documents or governance problems. The hypothesis here is those with solid Legal Documents are able to avoid or resolve disputes without resorting to lawyers, litigation and the courts.

Shareholder Agreements

A Shareholders Agreement is a critical document which sets out how your company will be managed and the obligations of the shareholders.. No one goes into business with another holding the view the other person or people are going to do the wrong thing. But life happens.

IT Lawyers Brisbane are ready to assist you with all your
commercial law requirements.

Technology, commercial and corporate lawyers, servicing the tech startup community and small and medium size businesses who enter into technology based contracts.

IT Lawyers Brisbane