Technology Law

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Technology Law

Over a decade experience working in IT and Science before coming to law.

We firmly believe if you want to advise on Technology Law then you should have a reasonable tech background. Our principal technology lawyer, Michael Barber, has over a decade experience working as an IT consultant before coming to law. In addition to that he also worked as a technical officer at CSIRO working on Agtech projects following the completion of a science degree where he undertook research into herbicide resistance. If you are looking for a real technology lawyer contact us today.

What areas of Technology Law do we advise on?

With deep tech domain experience, we provide advice across a wide range of Technology Law practice areas.

We regularly advise tech companies on corporate structuring, intellectual property protection and other commercial and contractual requirements.

Tech Startups. Whether you are chucking in your job and bootstrapping your own venture or looking at kicking off with a small capital raising, speak to our corporate lawyer. Our principal is also a chartered secretary and has started up a number of his own businesses.

Technology Contracts. We provide a range of legal documents to tech businesses and those entering technology-oriented transactions. If you are looking for a Technology Law contract, who better to draft it for you than a lawyer with qualifications in IT and science.

Internet Law. Whether you need a privacy policy, website terms and conditions, have experienced a data breach or need assistance with a domain dispute IT Lawyers Brisbane is ready and waiting to help.

Software Development Law. Our principal is an experienced software developer, business analyst and project manager who now specialises in Technology Law. If you are looking for an IT Lawyer to draft a software development agreement, review a services agreement you have received from a software developer, assist with a QITC agreement or advise on the legal requirements associated with tech projects, contact us today.

Intellectual Property Protection. At the heart of most tech projects is intellectual property (IP) in need of protection. However, in the world of software development, ownership of IP becomes complex. Most substantial software consists of the developers own source code, source code written for the customer and third-party libraries. Make sure you speak with an IT lawyer who can help you balance the ownership requirements and protect you from potential copyright infringement.

Artificial Intelligence. It’s true that copyright law does not cater for AI, especially deep learning where a computer is developing the output. This does not mean there is no protection for AI at law, it just takes a little more knowledge and imagination. ITAS Lawyers (trading as IT Lawyers Brisbane) are at the cutting edge of Technology Law and are developing precedent clauses to protect the inputs and outputs of your algorithms. Protecting the algorithms themselves it easy.

Privacy, Cyber Security and Data Breaches. Privacy is an everchanging field of law. Following the establishment of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), privacy is taking on a definitively more global flavour and represents an increasing concern for directors. IT Lawyers Brisbane can assist with all your privacy compliance needs and advise in the event of a data breach.

Domain Name Disputes. IT Lawyers Brisbane can assist with the procurement and sale of domain names, defending respondents to domain name disputes (we even have experience with reverse domain name hijacking) and we can instigate actions against third parties who have registered domains in bad faith.

Agtech. Having began is career working for CSIRO Tropical Agriculture before moving into the more commercial IT space, our principal lawyer understands IT, Science, Business and Law. We can help straddle the multiple disciplines at play in Agtech and relate to both academic researchers and entrepreneurs.

Technology Law Advice. Whatever advice you need, start with a conversation with us. Our depth of knowledge and experience in tech is difficult to match. Unlike many of those in ivory towers hoping to cash in on the changing needs of clients, we have been in the tech trenches for over two decades working side by side with other multi-disciplinary teams.

Want to speak to a multi-disciplinary lawyer who can truly understand tech?

Speak with our principal lawyer who has qualifications and experiences in IT, Science, Business, Accounting, Law and Corporate Governance.

Looking for Technology Law advice?

Speak to a lawyer with experience and qualifications in IT, Science, Business and Law.

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