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Website Lawyer services

Our Website Lawyer provides a range of legal services to startups and small to medium size enterprises engaging in technology-based transactions. These include:

Engaging a Website Lawyer for a new website

Speak to a Website Lawyer and make sure you have your IP and business structure set up right.

The best time to engage a Website Lawyer is before you set up your business and website. We won’t charge you for a 15-minute conversation about the legal considerations your business may face. We just want to help you get started on the right path.

We can help you:

  • set up the right business structure to protect your personal assets and your businesses intellectual property;
  • contract with designers, developers and other service providers;
  • ensure you own the intellectual property in your website; and
  • estimate the costs of legal fees and the timing of those costs throughout your project.

Legal health check for existing websites

Are you complying with the Australian Consumer Law?

Our Website Lawyer can perform a legal health check on your website, looking at your right to the domain name, the terms attached to the use of the website and your privacy compliance. This is particularly important for businesses in their growth or scale up phases, where they may still be relying on some free online template (usually based on US law) which they downloaded in the early stages of their business.

Common problems found include:

  • unlawful and unfair terms, some which may result in penalties;
  • failure to comply with the Australian Consumer Law;
  • false or misleading advertising, often prepared in an overzealous marketing push;
  • unassigned intellectual property;
  • insufficient terms, including absent boilerplate clauses; and
  • privacy compliance issues.

Domain Name Disputes

Speak to a Website Lawyer with deep IT domain experience and relevant qualifications.

Domain names are an essential component of an enterprises branding and marketing. Disputes over domain names are increasingly common. Our Website Lawyer can prepare claims, responses to claims and advise on the likely outcome of a Domain Name Dispute. We have even had experience with reverse domain name hijacking.

Dropshipping websites

Terms of sale for dropshippers can be more complex than other online business models.

Dropshipping is a simple business to set up, own and operate, however the terms of sale are usually more complex than other e-commerce businesses. This is largely because of the often loose arrangement dropshipping businesses have with offshore suppliers.

We do not recommend people try and put together the terms of sale for their dropshipping business themselves. This is the agreement most dropshippers will need to engage a Website Lawyer for. We also advise on other Dropshipping Legal Requirements.

Advice for website developers

Speak with a lawyer who used to be a developer.

If you are a developer and you are looking for a Website Lawyer for advice, who better to speak to than a lawyer who used to develop websites. We are not saying he was a good website developer, the reality is, he is too analytical and not creative enough. Nonetheless many a simple website was created, the technical skills were there and he has over a decade development experience.

That said, we assist developers with:

Privacy policies for websites

Privacy Policies need to cover more than just the collection of information via your website.

It is a common misconception; people often think they only need a Privacy Policy for websites. In fact, a company’s Privacy Policy may be placed on a website, but it needs to incorporate the businesses entire processes. Even businesses which only operate websites still collect personal information when they receive emails or take telephone calls.

Failure to comply with Privacy Law can lead to penalties of up to $420,000, more if your business is required to and fails to comply with the EU GDPR.

We know tech.

Are you looking for an IT Lawyer that knows tech? Today almost every business is a technology business. Even if you are not on the cutting edge of innovation you are probably entering into business relationships with people who are. If you are not you should be. Helping businesses thrive and reducing transaction costs is at the very heart of any real IT Lawyer.

We know business.

Need a software development lawyer, with IT, business and accounting qualifications? One who spent over a decade running their own management consulting firm? The sort of commercial lawyer that can translate IT to business, business to law and law back to IT? Contact us today and speak to a multi-disciplinary commercial lawyer.

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