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Commercial Law

IT Lawyers Brisbane Commercial Law services.

Our principal, Michael Barber, had over a decade experience working as a consultant before coming to law. In that time, he has worked across many industries including, finance, retail, government, education, manufacturing, consulting and recruitment to name a few.

With a deep understanding of business processes and transactions across a range of industries IT Lawyers Brisbane provide practical Commercial Law advice to its clients.

What areas of Commercial Law do we advise on?

IT Lawyers Brisbane has experience and qualification across law, business, accounting and corporate governance.

We regularly advise tech startups and small to medium enterprises on a range Commercial Law matters.

Commercial Contracts. We provide a range of legal documents to small and medium size enterprises, including those entering tech-oriented transactions. With our broad experience across a range of industries, and decades of soliciting requirements from clients, we can narrow in on your needs and deliver the right legal documents for your next transaction. Furthermore, before you sign any contract you should ensure you understand it in detail. If you don’t read contracts every day, it is easy to misunderstand the contents or identify the omissions.  We are happy to review commercial contracts and explain them to you in plain English so you can contract with confidence.

Intellectual Property Protection. Almost all businesses these days have some form of intellectual property (IP) in need of protection. Whether you have trade mark, patent or copyright needs, IT Lawyers Brisbane can help. We can also assist with the right corporate structures to isolate your IP from risky transactions.

Commercial Law Advice. Whatever advice you need, start with a conversation with us. We have a breadth of knowledge and experience across a wide range of industries, especially those in technology related fields. And let’s face it, almost every business today is dealing with technology. IT Lawyers Brisbane can provide bespoke Commercial Law advice across many areas, but if we think another lawyer can serve you better, we are happy to give you a referral. We just hope you come back and make us your first call for Commercial Law.

Corporate Law

IT Lawyers Brisbane Corporate Law services.

Our principal, Michael Barber, is a fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia, Risk and Governance professional and a Chartered Secretary with over a decade experience as a company director and secretary.

IT Lawyers Brisbane are well placed to advise boards, secretaries, entrepreneurs and senior executives on a range of Corporate Law and governance matters. Whether you need assistance understanding directors’ duties, incorporating a company, drafting minutes or a small scale offering we are here to help.

What areas of Corporate Law do we advise on?

We regularly advise small to medium companies on corporate structuring, capital raising and other Corporate Law requirements.

Privacy Compliance. Privacy compliance has become an increasing concern for company directors over the last few years. With the implementation of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Australia’s relatively new mandatory data breach notification scheme, privacy compliance is taking its position as a leading governance issue. IT Lawyers Brisbane can assist with all your privacy compliance needs and advise in the event of a data breach.

Small Scale Offerings. Colloquially known as the 20/12 rule, section 708 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) allows for certain capital raising without the expensive disclosure documents. That said, nothing in the act excuses misleading and deceptive conduct. These sorts of transactions carry long-term risks if not carefully considered.

Startups. If you are looking at chucking in your job and bootstrapping your own venture, or if you are about to kick off with a small capital raising, speak to us about Corporate Law and governance. We regularly assist entrepreneurs and business owners in getting their dreams off the ground. In fact, it is the best part of our job.

Company Secretarial. If you are planning an exit strategy for your business one of the most important tasks is maintaining your company records. Millions of dollars may be lost at due diligence if proper records are not kept. Not only is it critical to maintain company registers for your own altruistic reasons, you are required to comply with Corporate Law or face substantial penalties. IT Lawyers Brisbane has its own Chartered Secretary on staff to assist clients with their corporate governance requirements.

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Businesses need commercial lawyers who can navigate through the commercial and economic realities beyond the black letter of the law.

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