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Technology Law Insights

Looking for insights into technology Law? The IT Lawyers Brisbane blog aims to present a range of topical content right here.

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    Australian Spam Laws

    Australian Spam Laws – Woolworths case study

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    privacy awareness week

    Privacy Awareness Week 2020

    It’s Privacy Awareness Week. Learn more about how you can be SMART about privacy. Contact a Privacy Lawyer about privacy compliance and privacy policies....
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    working from home client meetings are fun

    Working from home

    Still adjusting to working from home? We’ve mastered it! See our top tips from our legal practice director. New policies, old routines and extra challenges explained....
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    Boosting Cash Flow Payment for Startups

    Boosting Cash Flow Payment for Startups

    If the Tax commissioner takes a strict interpretation of this legislation (contrary to what we are proposing above), it may mean startups which did not lodge a quarterly BAS for the quarter ending December 2019 will not be eligible....
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    Zoom Bombing and Privacy

    Zoom Bombing and Privacy

    So, what does this mean, legally speaking, for businesses using Zoom to conduct either internal or external meetings? Businesses may be required to report to the Office of the Information Commissioner where they have reasonable grounds to believe an eligible data breach has occurred....

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