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Legal considerations for SaaS

Are you operating or planning to run a SaaS business? Read our guides below to understand a few key legal considerations for SaaS.

So, you’re thinking about launching a Software as a Service (SaaS) product, or maybe you already are well underway. Either way, congratulations on making it to this step in your journey, one where your dream is now a reality and you’re wondering what legal considerations for SaaS you need to be aware of to protect yourself, your business and your product.

The SaaS model is certainly an innovative way to deliver software products and is becoming the preferred method for many tech businesses. The likes of Forbes, IBM and Deloitte all espouse the benefits of SaaS and encourage businesses to switch to it.

However, the model though does come with its own complications and its own unique set of legal needs.

That’s why we’ve developed this series of guides to help you get started on understanding the legal considerations for SaaS.

Legal Considerations for SaaS: Structuring a SaaS Business

Understanding how to structure your SaaS business is one of the key legal considerations for SaaS.

Whether you’re yet to set up any structures for your SaaS business or have already set up your initial holding entity, having a read of our Guide to Structuring a SaaS Business is a great way to understand all the different structures like sole trader, partnerships, trusts and companies and navigating your way to the best structure for your business.

Read our Guide to Structuring a SaaS Business.

Legal Considerations for SaaS: SaaS Agreements

A key legal consideration for SaaS is in drafting appropriate SaaS Agreements that are tailored to your product and protect your interests.

You’ve probably invested significant time and resources into having your SaaS product developed, wouldn’t you like an agreement that’s tailored to it and ensures it and you are adequately protected when you take it to customers? That’s where our Guide to SaaS Agreements comes in handy to knowing what you need to consider in developing an effective SaaS Agreement.

Read our Guide to SaaS Agreements.

Legal Considerations for SaaS: Privacy Policies

Have you considered your needs in relation to privacy policies? It's one of the key legal considerations for SaaS.

In this modern world of interconnectedness and mass data sharing, customers are becoming more and more privacy conscious. Furthermore, depending on your SaaS product, you may be obligated to comply with certain privacy laws. Check out our Guide to SaaS Privacy Policies to understand your responsibilities regarding privacy and how you can protect yourself with a sound privacy policy.

Read our Guide to SaaS Privacy Policies.

So, what next?

Reading these guides to the key legal considerations for SaaS are only just the beginning of your legal journey. Now it’s time to put these ideas into action!

That’s where we at IT Lawyers Brisbane are able to help you in navigating the complexities of the law while you focus on building and scaling your SaaS product. With our Principal having formerly been a software developer, we’re well placed to get you from where you are to where you need to be!

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